Money Smart

Year 3 – The House of Needs and Wants

Students are investigating how their needs and wants impact on spending. They are planning and costing a breakfast for themselves within a given budget and examining the differences between what they need for breakfast and what they want.

To culminate, students are presenting a breakfast according to the menu they are developing within the set budget. This breakfast will take place Wednesday 20th September.

Year 4 – Advertising Detectives

Students have become detectives in a bid to help solve an alarming case of large numbers of advertisements influencing children to buy or want a product. Students are investigating the different gimmicks/tricks used in advertising, how they target children and how their effect can be minimised.


Word Mania

The 3/4 students are currently participating in LiteracyPlanet Word Mania 2017, Australia and New Zealand’s biggest and most fun literacy competition.

Word Mania is an interactive online word building game. Players are given a board of 15 randomly generated letters, and have three minutes to create as many words as they can. Every valid word formed earns points. Longer and more complex words score higher, and scores can be boosted by building valid words consecutively, and using special Gold and Diamond letter tiles. Word building uses various literacy skills: phonemes, morphemes including affixes and plurals, spelling, word recognition, vocabulary and word knowledge. Students can play as many times as they like, and the sum of the highest 50 game scores by at least five students from the same grade will be their school’s score for that year level.

Word Mania is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. Students with a LiteracyPlanet login can simply log in to LiteracyPlanet on desktop and click on the Word Mania icon, or can download the free Word Mania 2017 app (iOS and Android).

Please see your teacher if you don’t have your passwords.

Inquiry – Term 3

In Their Shoes – Social Justice

Students will learn about social justice issues experienced by people with disabilities and those suffering financial hardship. They will learn about the role that rules and laws play in our community as they share their opinions about existing laws. Students will research a disability and write creatively about an important day in the life of someone who has the disability that they have researched.

Music Presentations

Over the past fortnight, students at home have prepared displays and a short oral presentation on a band or singer. Part of the presentation included a short sample of the artist’s music.

This week students presented their work to their classmates and Mr Langton. All presentations were of a very high standard and Mr Langton was suitably impressed.

Click on the images below for a closer look.


Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is now open and Kismet Park is excited to be participating.

The Challenge is open to all Victorian children from birth to Year 10 in recognition of the importance of reading for literacy development. It is not a competition; but a personal challenge for children to read a set number of books by 8 September 2017.

Children from Prep to Year 2 are encouraged to read or ‘experience’ 30 books with their parents and teachers. Children from Year 3 to Year 10 are challenged to read 15 books.

All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier.

To read the Premier’s letter to parents, view the booklists and for more information about the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, visit:


The Challenge is now open and will run until Friday 8 September 2017



Studyladder is a web based educational program designed by teachers. The program is curriculum based and covers Mathematics, Literacy as well as other subjects. Your child has been given a username and password which can be used to access Studyladder.

It is not compulsory for your child to use Studyladder at home, however regular access will help them reinforce what they have been taught in school. It will also help to build their confidence through practice.

Your child will NOT be able to chat with anyone using Studyladder. However, we still encourage you to supervise your child at all times when using the internet.

Simply go to and login using your child’s school username and password. The free version allows students to access 3 activities per day from home (it is optional for parents to upgrade if they wish to give their child unlimited home access).

If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher