Term 3 Week 5

Week 5 marked the beginning of the Olympics and a new Inquiry Unit of Work. The students of the 3/4 Department had been learning about the history of the Olympic Games in Week 4, so we were all very excited to be able to see some real-life action and cheer on the Aussies! Even though we were a bit of a noisy bunch during the swimming races, it was a delight to see the students get straight back on with their work as they conducted themselves in a manner they should be proud of. It was thrilling watching live races and seeing gold won for our country, though the connections students made during events back to their own learnings was fantastic! Specifically the times of races and heats as it complimented our maths focus of decimals for the week. The students also spoke actively of resilience, what it means to be a team player and good sportsmanship.

We were also lucky enough during Week 5 to have Camp Quality visit us for a puppet incursion. The puppets entertained us all while educating us about cancer, and we followed up the amazing show by helping each other to discover our own super-strengths and super-powers. Students were allowed to wear their favourite sporting team’s colours for a gold coin, which were all donated to Camp Quality.



The 3/4 Team

Term 3 Week 4

During Week 4, the students in the 3/4 Department had a lot of fun exploring tessellations and symmetry. Together, we looked at tessellations and symmetry in the environment and had a go at making our own patterns.





Week 4 also marked the beginning of our 3 week Rugby Clinic run by Melbourne Storm. We were lucky to get a very sunny day to practice our skills outside, and even though a few of us came in quite muddy, a great day was had by all. Students have all expressed their eagerness to continue over the coming weeks.


The 3/4 Team

Term 2 Week 3

During Week 3, the Grade 3/4’s were learning more about fractions. The students in 3B were able to eat their way through a maths lesson by using leftover NutriGrain from their breakfast to learn all about fractions of groups. Needless to say, this was an extremely rich, engaging and tasty activity!

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Also for maths this week, the grade 3/4 Department was visited my a member of the Commonwealth Bank to help us learn about money, budgeting, the different types of cards and saving money. The sessions were high energy, with all students thoroughly enjoying themselves. And by the end of the sessions all students were pledging to “Spend a little on you, save some too!”


To end the week the school participated in a whole school Tree and Buddy Day! To kick start the day we began with a self esteem hour, learning all about self esteem and how we can believe in ourselves. Students worked hard to make some Motto Bricks in which they wrote down a statement to help them out when they are feeling a bit low. Look out for some of our wonderful displays throughout the school halls!

The rest of the day was spent in our buddy groups, where we helped to plant trees and participated in the Colour My World Initiative by filling the school with weaving and yarn bombings. A great day was had by all, and we are very appreciative to all of the volunteers who kindly donated their time to help make our school an even more beautiful place!




The 3/4 Team

Term 3 Week 2

During Week Two in the Grade 3/4 Department, the students in Mrs Beer’s class were able to catch up on their Money Smart Breakfast. This proved to be a very successful event, with the students budgeting so well that they were able to buy donuts with their left over money! Judging by these vegemitey grins, the students all had a great time too while learning about money.




Across the grades this week, we continued our Inquiry work on Australia and have been very impressed with students’ knowledge of our country. The children have been taking a great deal of pride in their work in this area, which will be a great lead into our work in Week 3 about the Olympic Games.

As a part of the Phys Ed Program, the 3/4 students will have the privilege of of participating in a Rugby Clinic run by the Melbourne Storm! This will be taking place on Thursday 4th and 11th of August, with a Gala Day held on the 18th of August which will include a sausage sizzle for all participating students. Please remember to send your child with their $2 for them to participate in this exciting event!

A reminder that the 3 Way Conference/Parent Teacher Interviews will be held next week on the 3rd of August. If you have not yet booked your time to see your child’s teacher, please do so online. Additional information for booking your allotted time can be found at the office.

Thanking you for your continued support,

The Grade 3/4 Team

Term 3 Week 1

Welcome back!

We trust that you all had a restful holiday and are as excited as we are to be back to Term 3! We have an eventful term up ahead, with some new inquiry units of work and some exciting upcoming events including our school hosting some students from Japan, Wakakiri and the Production, just to name a few!

During Term 3 we will be learning about Australia in the lead up to the Olympic Games in Rio, where we will follow Australia’s progress and learn about the Olympic Games. The students have made an enthusiastic start to our unit, and are keen to continue to learn about our great country.

Homework has begun again and is continuing in the same format as previous terms. Students should be reading books that are a Good Fit at home during the week, as well as practicing their spelling words. Homework is commenced each week on Monday with the new spelling words handed out and is due by Friday. Please encourage good time-management skills with your child in the completion of work, and if there are any questions remind them to ask their teacher before homework is due.

This week in Writing, the students have been describing the touch, taste, smell and look of Vegemite as they have been learning about writing descriptive texts. In Reading they have been focusing on making text connections to self, and text to world, to strengthen their comprehension skills. During Numeracy we have been looking at Money and Financial Matters and exploring 3D Shapes which we will continue throughout week 2.

Looking forward to an exciting and eventful term and, as always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

The 3/4 Team

Term 2 Week 5

Happy NAPLAN Week to the grade 3’s! As we are all aware, this week has been a very busy for the grade 3’s in their NAPLAN testing. We have been very proud of all the students and they way they have been conducting themselves during this testing time, and the way they have been doing their best, and having a go.

It is a very exciting time in the grade 3/4 department with our inquiry units of work. The grade 3’s have been very busy designing their cubby houses, and are about to start developing their dioramas in our Design, Creativity and Technology unit.

The grade 4’s have been working away in their Design-Technology Lego Robotics unit of work, and having a great time. They have been creating lego designs out of the materials available, using their imagination and instruction cards. They have also just started using the computers to create computer generated designs using the school’s We Do kits using motion sensors and gears.

Last week’s Mother’s Day was a very successful one. We enjoyed having our visitors in our rooms. A very big thank you to all of the mothers, grandmothers and special ladies who came along to this special day!

The Premiers Reading Challenge is continuing with all students registered. The students are encouraged to read at home each night for 15 minutes or more. Students who participate in the Premier’s Reader Challenge will receive a certificate for completing the challenge, and have the opportunity for their name to be published in the newspaper and online! If you would like your child to have this opportunity, please make sure you have signed and sent the permission form back to your classroom teacher.

Just a reminder as the weather is getting colder and noses start to run a little more, can parents please send a box of tissues to their classroom teachers to share.

Thanking you again for your continued support,

The 3/4 team